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 Embark on an enchanting journey through the mystical landscapes and vibrant cultures of Northeast India with our captivating tour. From the sacred temples of Guwahati to the ancient traditions of Hajo and Sualkuchi, immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the region. Explore the hidden secrets of Mayong, delve into the wilderness of Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, and unwind by the tranquil banks of the Brahmaputra River. With cultural odysseys, wildlife safaris, and spiritual encounters, this tour offers a holistic experience that will leave you captivated by the allure of Northeast India


25,999 / person



What is included in the tour?

  • Sightseeing as per the itinerary

  • 03 Nights accommodation in Guwahati 

  • 02 Nights accommodation in Mayong/Pobitora 

  • Bed and Breakfast basis 

  • Kamakhya Temple tour 

  • Guwahati City tour | Day Excursion to Hajo & Sualkuchi 

  • Umananda Temple + Black Magic Museum 

  • 01 Jeep Safari with Complimentary lunch 

  • Airport – Hotel – Airport transfers on Private basis 

  • All tours and excursions in a coach on SIC basis or Private basis

What is not included in the tour?

  • Air Fare 
  • Train Fare
  • Personal Expenses
  • Anything not mentioned in the Itinerary  
  • GST


Day 1: Welcome to Assam: Divine Beginnings

Step into the mystical realm of Guwahati, where spirituality intertwines with ancient traditions. Your journey commences with a visit to the sacred Kamakhya Temple, nestled amidst the serene Nilachal Hill. Feel the divine presence of Maa Kamakhya, the revered Goddess of Desire, as you immerse yourself in the rituals of Tantrik Shaktism. Let the spiritual aura of the temple set the tone for your enchanting adventure. Overnight in Guwahati.

Day 2: Cultural Exploration in Guwahati City Tour

Embark on a captivating exploration of Guwahati’s cultural heritage. Discover the unique Bhimeswar Dwadas Jyotirlinga Dham, where nature and divinity converge in harmony. Delve into the ancient wisdom of Basistha Temple & Ashram, resonating with the spiritual essence of sage Basistha. Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra, a testament to Assam’s rich cultural tapestry. Conclude your day with a mesmerizing sunset cruise along the Brahmaputra River, basking in the splendour of nature’s canvas.

Day 3: Day Excursion to Manchester of Assam

Embark on a cultural odyssey to Hajo and Sualkuchi, two gems nestled in the heart of Assam. Explore the sacred sites of Hajo, including the revered Hayagriva Madhava Temple and the pilgrimage site of Poa Mecca. Witness the intricate artistry of silk weaving in Sualkuchi, known as the Manchester of Assam, where tradition meets innovation. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the region before returning to Guwahati for a tranquil evening.

Day 4: Land of Black Magic: Mayong

Unravel the mysteries of Mayong, India’s witchcraft capital, as you delve into its intriguing history at the Mayong Central Museum. Experience the spiritual resonance of the Umananda Temple, nestled on Peacock Island amidst the Brahmaputra River. Witness the ancient rituals and profound spirituality of this sacred sanctuary. Conclude your day with a contemplative evening amidst the enchanting landscapes of Mayong.

Day 5: Wildlife Safari and Riverside Retreat

Embark on a thrilling safari adventure in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, where the wilderness comes alive with the sights and sounds of nature. Encounter the majestic Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros and a diverse array of bird species in their natural habitat. Later, unwind at the tranquil riverside oasis of Chanaka village, where the Brahmaputra River serenades the senses with its timeless melody. Bid farewell to the captivating landscapes as your journey draws to a close.

Day 6: Until we meet again!

As your unforgettable journey through Northeast India comes to an end, carry with you the cherished memories of cultural discoveries and natural wonders. Depart from Guwahati with a heart full of gratitude and a spirit enriched by the timeless allure of this enchanting region. Until we meet again, may the essence of Northeast India continue to inspire your adventures.

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