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Embark on an unforgettable journey through the mystical landscapes of Nagaland on this immersive five-day tour. Beginning in the vibrant capital of Kohima, you’ll be welcomed into the heart of Naga culture with open arms. From there, venture into the untamed wilderness of Dzukou Valley, where each step unveils breathtaking vistas and ancient wonders. Spend nights under the starlit sky, indulging in local hospitality and savouring the flavours of traditional cuisine. As you explore the historic village of Khonoma, you’ll uncover the rich tapestry of Angami heritage and witness the enduring spirit of a community shaped by time. With each day offering new adventures and unforgettable experiences, this journey promises to leave an indelible mark on your soul.


18,599 / person



What is included in the tour?

  • Sightseeing as per the itinerary 

  • 02 Nights’ accommodation in Kigwema 

  • 01 Night accommodation in Dzukou Valley 

  • 01 Night accommodation in Kohima 

  • Bed and Breakfast basis 

  • Dzukou Valley trek 

  • Day excursion to Khonoma village 

  • Airport – Hotel – Airport transfers on a Private basis 

  • All tours and excursions in a coach on an SIC basis or a Private basis

What is not included in the tour?

  • Air Fare 
  • Train Fare
  • Personal Expenses
  • Anything not mentioned in the Itinerary  
  • GST


Day 1: Arrival in Kohima

As the sun casts its golden glow over the emerald hills of Nagaland, your journey begins in the bustling capital city of Kohima. Upon arrival, you’ll find yourself amidst the vibrant tapestry of local life, where each corner whispers tales of ancient traditions and modern charm.

Your adventure kicks off at Dimapur upon arrival, where anticipation dances in the air like fireflies at dusk. From here, your transport awaits to whisk you away to the picturesque village of Kigwema, nestled snugly amidst nature’s embrace. Whether you arrive to the warm embrace of afternoon sunrays or the cool shadows of evening twilight, a hearty meal and cozy homestay await, promising a taste of local hospitality that’s as comforting as a familiar melody.

Day 2: Trek to Dzukou Valley

With the morning mist weaving its delicate veil over the landscape, you’ll awaken to the call of adventure echoing through the valleys. After a nourishing breakfast, your guide will lead you on a journey to the fabled Dzukou Valley, where every step is a brushstroke on nature’s canvas.

Embark on a trek through lush forests and rugged terrain, guided by the rhythmic melody of gushing streams and the whispering leaves of ancient trees. Whether you choose the scenic Viswema route or the thrilling Zakhama path, each step brings you closer to the heart of this natural wonderland.

As dusk descends like a velvet curtain upon the valley, you’ll find solace in the rustic charm of the Dzukou rest house, a sanctuary amidst the wilderness. Here, beneath a canopy of stars, you’ll dine on hearty fare, savouring the flavours of the land as you share tales by the flickering glow of the fire.

Day 3: Embrace Nature’s Embrace

With the first blush of dawn, the valley awakens in a symphony of colours, inviting you to lose yourself in its timeless beauty. Spend the morning exploring hidden trails and secret nooks, where every turn reveals a new wonder waiting to be discovered.

As the day unfolds like a lily in bloom, return to the rest house for a simple yet satisfying breakfast, fuelling your spirit for the journey ahead. With memories woven into the fabric of your soul, descend from the heights of Dzukou, each step a testament to the indomitable spirit of adventure.

Day 4: Discover Khonoma’s Charm

As the morning sun casts its warm embrace over the land, set forth on a journey to the legendary village of Khonoma, where time stands still amidst verdant fields and storied forts. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Angami culture, where history and tradition converge in a dance of past and present.

Explore the ancient forts that once stood as bastions against the tides of time, their weathered stones bearing witness to the resilience of the human spirit. As the day unfolds, partake in a traditional outdoor feast, where the flavours of Nagaland come alive in a symphony of taste and aroma. Return to Kohima by evening.

Day 5: Farewell to Nagaland

With hearts full and memories cherished, bid adieu to the land of enchantment as you journey back to Dimapur. As you traverse the winding roads that lead from past to present, take a moment to reflect on the beauty of the journey, knowing that though your adventure may end, the spirit of Nagaland will forever dwell within your soul.

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